Bloomberg: Comcast looking to sell 1.5M subs to Charter, spin off 2.5M

|About: Charter Communications, Inc. (CHTR)|By:, SA News Editor

Bloomberg reports Comcast (CMCSA) is close to a deal to sell 1.5M subs to Charter (CHTR), and plans to spin off another 2.5M into a new, publicly-traded company in which Charter will have a minority stake.

Charter is expected to pay $20B in total. The company will also hand over 275K L.A. subs to Comcast, which stands to dominate the L.A. market should regulators sign off on the Time Warner Cable deal, as part of an asset swap.

A deal could be announced this week, but sources caution talks could still fall apart. Reuters previously reported Charter is talking with Comcast about an $18B-$20B deal involving the acquisition of 3M subs.