More on WLP Q1 results

|By:, SA News Editor

Operating revenue: $17.6B (+1.2%).

Net income: $701M (-20.8%), EPS: $2.40 (-17%).

CF Ops: $1.4B (+46.3%).

Benefit expense ratio: 82.7% (-1%) due to an improvement in the Medicaid business.

Total membership: 36.9M (+1.3M from 12/31/13).

Q2 declared dividend: $0.4375/share.

Updated 2014 guidance:

EPS: $8.50+ on operating revenues of $73.5B+.

CF Ops: $2.4B+.

Membership: 39.95M - 37.05M.

Benefit expense ratio: 83.4% - 84%.

(WLP +5.3%)

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