Ford's U.S. sales: Strong month for trucks can't quite offset light demand for cars

|About: Ford Motor Company (F)|By:, SA News Editor

Ford (F -0.2%) reports a 9.1% drop in cars sold during April, a mark which was offset to a large degree by the 8% increase in truck sales.

The automaker saw sales for the Ford brand slip 0.3% to 204,323 during the month, while Lincoln sales were off 10.7% to 6,803.

Sales by model: Ford Fusion -1.1% to 26,435; Ford Taurus -2.8% to 5,725; Ford Focus -15.3% to 19,104; Ford F-Series +7.4% to 63,387; Ford Explorer +17.1% to 16,629; Lincoln -23.9% to 3,054; Lincoln MKX +5.1% to 1,828.

The EcoBoost engine accounted for 42% of F-Series truck sales during the month.