First Trust will launch an actively managed municipal bond fund May 15

|About: First Trust Mana... (FMB)|By:, SA News Editor

The First Trust Managed Municipal ETF (FMB) will offer investors current income through municipal bond investments which is exempt from regular federal income taxes.

According to a statement issued by First Trust: "Recent tax increases have boosted the demand for tax-exempt investments. At the same time, some municipalities have been facing increasing economic challenges, raising the importance of active credit analysis and municipal bond expertise."

There are currently three other actively managed municipal bond ETFs on the market, all of which feature a focus on maturity: the PIMCO Intermediate Municipal Bond Strategy (MUNI), the Columbia Intermediate Municipal Bond ETF (GMMB) and the PIMCO Short Term Municipal Bond Strategy ETF (SMMU).

Other municipal bond ETFs: MUB, PZA, TFI, ITM, MLN, SHM, XMPT, PRB, SUB, SMB, PVI, VRD, RVNU