E-House +13.1%, Leju +10% on Q1 beats, guidance

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E-House (EJ) is upping its 2014 revenue guidance range by $30M to $910M-$930M, above an $892.6M consensus. LEJU, still 76%-owned by E-House post-IPO, forecasts 2014 revenue of $500M-$520M, above a $467.8M consensus.

Leju (revenue +97% Y/Y) accounted for 48% of E-House's total revenue of $116.6M (+40% Y/Y). While Leju's top-line surged, E-House's real estate brokerage business only grew 3% to $61.1M. Real estate info/consulting services grew 52% to $17.8M.

E-House's gross margin jumped to 63.8% from 55.4% a year ago. SG&A spend rose 40% Y/Y to $104.9M, a clip on par with rev. growth.

Leju's e-commerce services revenue soared 238% to $49.7M. Online ad services rose 13% to $24.6M, and listing services 24% to $4.2M. Gross margin jumped to 84.6% from 61.6% a year ago. SG&A spend rose 89% to $64.5M.

Rival SouFun (SFUN) might get a lift from the numbers.

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