Northwest Bio says AF off target

|About: Northwest Biotherapeut... (NWBO)|By:, SA News Editor

Northwest Biotherapeutics (NWBO) asserts that Mr. Feuerstein's June 19 article is misleading and inaccurate. For starters, it says that has not received a "rebuke" from any clinical trial site nor is there a basis to receive one. It claims that it has consistently stated that it would release interim data on an ongoing basis regarding the DCVax-Direct Phase 1/2 clinical trial. It confirms that the disclosed data originated from medical files sent to the company from the trial sites and a CRO, but it claims that reporting interim results is not unusual for an unblinded open-label study like DCVax.

CEO Linda Powers says, "...Feuerstein seeks ever more sensationalized ways to try to smear the Company. This is not even the semblance of professional analysis. We condemn this attack campaign and appreciate the strong support we are receiving from shareholders, patients and other commentators. We intend to continue our progress undeterred."