Yahoo, AOL CEOs hold lengthy Sun Valley talk

|By:, SA News Editor

Yahoo's (YHOO +0.4%) Marissa Mayer and AOL's (AOL -0.1%) Tim Armstrong "talked over drinks into the wee hours Thursday night" at the Sun Valley media conference, the WSJ reports.

The paper doesn't have details on what the CEOs discussed. The talk is noteworthy in light of widespread speculation Yahoo will bid for AOL using a part of the giant windfall it stands to receive from selling a portion of its 22.6% Alibaba stake at IPO time.

AOL has a slew of online media and ad network/tech assets that could appeal to Yahoo, and currently trades at just 1.3x 2014E sales. With the notable exception of Tumblr, Yahoo's acquisitions during the Mayer era have generally been smaller purchases meant to reel in technology and/or engineering talent.

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