Tariffs won’t cure what ails U.S. Steel, Wells Fargo analyst says

|By:, SA News Editor

U.S. Steel (X -2.1%) gives up much of the bump it received late Friday on the Commerce Department's determination that Korean companies had dumped steel tubes into the U.S and slapped penalties of up to 15.75% on some Korean companies.

Wells Fargo’s Sam Dubinky says the tariffs aren’t a game-changer for U.S. Steel, and remains cautious as it believes shares have been rewarded prematurely on management’s commitment to institute deep costs cuts, which while positive, could be overshadowed by weaker sheet pricing; the firm also thinks U.S. Steel’s cost advantage relative to peers will decline due to falling iron ore prices.

AKS -1.1%, NUE -0.1%, STLD -1.2%, RS -0.3%, SCHN -1%.

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