Report: Google reaches deal to buy Twitch for ~$1B

|By:, SA News Editor

VentureBeat reports Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) has reached a deal to buy live game-broadcast/streaming leader Twitch for ~$1B.

Variety and The Verge reported in May Google, via YouTube, was in talks to acquire Twitch for $1B. The site claims 50M+ monthly users, including over 1.1M who broadcast their gaming activity, and has 4K+ content provider partners (inc. major sites such as GameSpot and Joystiq) whom it typically shares ad revenue with.

Twitch has thus far successfully fended off a competitive challenge from YouTube, which reportedly had $1.5B in 2013 net revenue and is now run by former Google ad/commerce product chief Susan Wojcicki. Twitch's heavy reliance on the coveted 18-34 demographic hasn't gone unnoticed.