GSV reports $14.86/share NAV, in no rush to sell Twitter shares

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GSV Capital (GSVC +0.4%) had a net asset value of $287.1M ($14.86/share) at the end of Q2, 54% above its current trading price. NAV fell by $0.05/share Q/Q, and rose $1.99 Y/Y.

GSV's 50 portfolio companies had an aggregate fair value of $367M. Twitter accounted for 21.2% of portfolio value - it's worth more following its huge post-earnings gains. Palantir Technologies made up 11.2%, Dropbox 7.7%, and 2U 5.3%.

$13.5M in losses were realized on the sale of positions in Violin Memory and Silver Spring, and $6.3M in gains realized on Control4 and Facebook share sales. $10.8M in new investments were made.

On the CC (transcript), CEO Michael Moe suggested GSV is in no rush to pare its Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) position. "We believe there is substantial near-term upside in the stock, and we believe that investors are just now starting to understand the power of the Twitter platform."

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