Wells Fargo next? Kovacevich blasts BofA settlement

|About: Wells Fargo & Co. (WFC)|By:, SA News Editor

"It's definitely politics," Dick Kovacevich says of Bank of America's $16.65B mortgage settlement. "It has nothing to with justice or restitution to the innocent victims. In fact, more of the money is going to the coffers of the states and various departments than the victims."

Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) shareholders who remember the legal onslaught brought upon JPMorgan when Jamie Dimon dared to question U.S. regulators, can be thankful Kovacevich is a former chairman and CEO of their bank.

Kovacevich: "[Neither] JPMorgan or its employees [nor] Bank of America or its employees did anything wrong here. They just bought companies that did wrong ... Why are we charging the stock holders instead of going after the people who did wrong? Corporations don't engage in criminal behavior. They don't take advantage of innocent people. People do."