Ecuadoreans’ lawsuit against Chevron might need U.S. retrial, judge hints

|About: Chevron Corporation (CVX)|By:, SA News Editor

The possibility of a do-over came up at today's appeals court hearing that pitted Chevron (NYSE:CVX) against lawyer Steven Donziger, the attorney who won a $9.5B environmental damage award against the company in a legal battle that has dragged on for 22 years.

U.S. Circuit Judge Richard Wesley asked lawyers on both sides whether they would support a retrial in the U.S. of the 2011 ruling by an Ecuadorean court, which found CVX was responsible for the pollution; CVX lawyers clearly did not like the idea after last year winning a ruling from a New York judge that Donziger’s victory had been obtained through bribery and fraud.

The other two judges on the appeals panel did not offer a hint of interest in Wesley's notion, but enough was left unsaid to make it impossible to guess at this point what the appeals court could do - or to know if Wesley was serious with his idea or putting the attorneys through some kind of law school Socratic exercise.

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