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After an arduous hunt, this author found what he thinks is the safest place to stash his money:...

Jul. 05, 2009 4:48 PM ETBy: Eli Hoffmann, SA News Editor5 Comments
After an arduous hunt, this author found what he thinks is the safest place to stash his money: a personal account at the Fed.

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06 Jul. 2009
Why the heck didn't he just buy some silver or gold coins if he's so worried?
Missing_Link profile picture
The country's worst newspaper is telling me to pit my money with its most negligent financial institution? I don't think so ...
Mansoor H. Khan profile picture

A proposal for a 100% reserve account.

It is a scam. Fed Banks won't take your $$

See the link:
Oh my! Give the money directly to the government because it must be safe. For example, take TIPS, principle adjusted based on CPI. But guess what, Clinton change how CPI was calculated and almost cut it in half. No articles in the newspapers, no TV coverage. Just changed the terms. Bo big stink.

Guess what happens when the government can pay any more? They'll just change the terms. No law required. Maybe you'll get your principle back maybe not. Of course you will if your not rich, but guess what, have some money, look out. Its only fair you know.
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