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The House of Representatives okays a bill to force GM and Chrysler to restore dealership ties...

Jul. 17, 2009 8:55 AM ETBy: Rachael Granby, SA News Editor5 Comments
The House of Representatives okays a bill to force GM and Chrysler to restore dealership ties cut in bankruptcy. The bill's future in the Senate is unclear: "When you have a bankruptcy, there are winners and losers,” which is "unfortunate, but that’s the way bankruptcy courts operate.”

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Comments (5)

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Congress has turned into a bunch of legislative crack whores and pushers. Just throw enough of your money around and they'll get on their knees to give you whatever it is you want.

They only have one agenda...get re-elected. They buy votes by passing legislation favorable to donors and by taxing the minority (high-income earners) for give-away programs to the majority ("vote for me or you'll lose your welfare").

Term limits are the only hope.

As a famous writer once quipped "The first 450 names in the phone directory would do a better job"
Silly Americans, all people are winners when the government props everything up. A dealership on every corner and a chicken in every pot. Liberal utopia, sound familiar?
When the Bankruptcy courts allowed Houston Energy or something like that (they were the final owners of Old Ben Coal) shed their obligation to honor pension and medical benefits to my widowed mom, a good friend and thousands of others, Congress did not step in and save them. In Bankruptcy their are winner and losers! But, it is no worse for them than it is for everyone who has lost their jobs.

Sorry, I vote no.
The USPS would like to close post offices too but congress won't let them. Maybe some congressional committee can find enough synergy to merge failed dealerships with unprofitable post offices. Chrysler stamps anyone?
there was no real bankruptcy and its unforunate that obama picks those "winners" who voted for him and or gave cash. why is the union a winner over secured creditors.
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