Taser, Digital Ally drop after Motorola launches body cameras

|By:, SA News Editor

Motorola Solutions (MSI +0.9%) has unveiled two devices - the Si500 and Si300 - it claims are the first to integrate a body camera, a radio speaker, and microphone. The Si500 has a 210-degree range-of-motion lens, an adaptive audio engine, a 3.2" display, and built-in Wi-Fi/Bluetooth.

Also launching: A cloud-based video evidence storage/management solution known as CommandCentral Vault. Motorola promises a "highly streamlined ability to search, review, annotate and perform other evidence management," as well as "an industry-leading auto-redaction feature to help public safety agencies remove identities of individuals in videos seamlessly." It's also partnering with Adobe to integrate the product with Adobe's Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud platforms.

Taser (TASR -7.8%) and Digital Ally (DGLY -5.4%), both of whom have seen interest in their body camera and evidence management offerings jump over the last 14 months in the wake of the Ferguson unrest, are selling off.

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