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Initial Jobless Claims: 584K, up 25K from a week ago (revised), and worse than the 575K...

Jul. 30, 2009 8:34 AM ETBy: Rachael Granby, SA News Editor6 Comments
Initial Jobless Claims: 584K, up 25K from a week ago (revised), and worse than the 575K consensus. Continuing claims fell 54K to 6.197M.

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Comments (6)

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youngman442002 profile picture
A tailing indicator just because in my state they have a backlog of applications they can´t get to....more jobless...less sales tax revenue....less income tax revenue...more government expenses....so did CALIFORNIA really get things worked out on their budget......I am laughing on the floor...these politicians don´t even know and that is what is truly scary
bbro profile picture
yoy nsa jobless claims even better than the seasonally adjusted
jobless claims....oh what are the doom and gloomers going to do????
better watch mortgage delinquiencies tie well to jobless claims...
CNBC is spinning this week's number as good. The Chicago guy says they were expecting worse (despite 575K estimate and worse than last week)! Wiesman says this number is "clean" and looks good. What are these guys smoking????? These guys need to report the news not what they think or hope (to influence the markets). Investors can evaluate the news and make their own decisions without blatant misrepresentations by the media.
youngman442002 profile picture
I agree...I smell a timing thing going on with the Politicians...the hurry up and pass legeslation before reading it before year end..the meetings with the Chinese....something smells to me that there is a plan in the works already .....I just don´t know what it is...They are smart enought to know that what is going on know can´t go on forever.....they have an end game..devalue the dollar....default........ takeover....I just don´t know...but I smell something..its the old 6th instinct...the hair on my back is up...
Vieira Trading profile picture
Do not post bad news :) after all bulls claim jobless claims and unemployment numbers are lagging indicators; everything is fine :) (GS) is upgrading the market again
Continuing claims will continue to fall as people laid off last summer and fall run out of benefits. This economy isn't improving and you'd better be stockpiling food. One of these days the treasury auction will fail and the stock market will crash right into the circuit breakers.
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