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Great interview with Wired editor-in-chief and Free author Chris Anderson on the future of...

Jul. 30, 2009 7:55 PM ETBy: Eli Hoffmann, SA News Editor2 Comments
Great interview with Wired editor-in-chief and Free author Chris Anderson on the future of journalists, or lack thereof. (Der Spiegel)

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Comments (2)

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Hacks are not going to survive. I guess that means many big city papers will close their doors, until the TPBP gets passed in congress.(Toxic Propagandist Bailout Program). Then when Pravda, oops, New York Times reopens it's editors desk they will no longer have to worry about the appearance of impartiality. They will be able to peddle the truth as defined by marxists that have never put in an honest days work to all the remaining loyal readers of Pravda, oops typo again. I mean the NYT will be again leading in setting the journalistic standard by investigating GW Bush's involvement in the 2011 global financial meltdown, aided and abetted by those evil Jooo's and militia members.
Let's not forget GS being able to pick up some more mouthpieces on the cheap, much like Carlos Slim.
All in all not bad. However, everyone misses the point about newspapers and journalism. Most people will not pay for biased propaganda and reprinted press releases. This is what passes for news these days and it can be had for free on the internet. Its like if you have never seen HD then you do not know what you are missing.

To sell news it takes one thing, content. Its impossible to fill 24 hour news broadcasts with content. Its impossible to sell content that is biased. The problem is simple to define. But most prefer to blame the delivery.
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