Facebook tops 3M advertisers (more than 20x as many as Twitter)

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Facebook (FB -0.7%) now has over 3M businesses actively advertising on its platform, up from 2M as of Feb. 2015. 70% of the businesses are outside the U.S.

Facebook's advertiser count dwarfs the 130K reported by Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) in its Q4 report, and highlights the company's strong small-business inroads. Last week, Facebook announced Instagram, which began to be aggressively monetized last year, has topped 200K advertisers.

Facebook's efforts to get businesses to buy ads have included giving advertisers a standalone app, allowing businesses to sell products on their Facebook Pages (with the help of Buy buttons), and letting users contact businesses via Messenger. Efforts to provide advanced targeting and measurement tools for businesses have been ongoing for years.

In other news: 1) German regulators have added Facebook to the list of U.S. tech companies they're probing - the company's use of personal data for advertising purposes is being studied 2) a Facebook exec has been freed a day after being arrested by Brazilian authorities on account of Facebook's failure to provide access to WhatsApp messages linked to a criminal investigation. 3) Re/code reports Facebook is offering to pay celebrities to use its livestreaming platform, as part of a promotional push.

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