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Glass gets second life in the medical community

Jul. 06, 2016 4:32 AM ETAlphabet Inc. (GOOG)GOOG, GOOGLBy: Yoel Minkoff, SA News Editor11 Comments
  • Google Glass (GOOG, GOOGL) failed to catch on with the broader mainstream market when it debuted to select consumers in 2013, but the old technology is taking on a new function - serving as a telemedicine tool for doctors in emergency situations.
  • For example, if a patient overdoses or is poisoned, Glass allows a bedside doctor to transmit data and video in real time to a toxicology specialist in a different location.

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Comments (11)

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So what was that pull back a few days ago about? Somebody making a head fake to get shares cheaper?
brexit maybe?
Flashfinance profile picture
Eventually v.r will allow for something similar and it will be really cool to see/experience
The battery life and utility for your average consumers is just not there. I can see Google glasses working in niches like medical, financial, security and military.
Chris Lau profile picture
Glasses' rebirth is Himax’s gain.
ProfessorSmatt profile picture
I agree with you on Himax!! Himax has a lot to look forward to. When they start going mainstream Himax’s revenues and earnings are going to skyrocket.
@Chris Lau - I think the waveguides they are using are likely from Vuzix. Don't know on the projection engine, but that could be Vuzix too.
Chris Lau profile picture
@64MGB VUZI has a 27% short position.
HIMX has a 17% short position.
ProfessorSmatt profile picture
That's just awesome
Google rocks
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