T-Mobile in $48M settlement with FCC over unlimited-plan throttling

|About: T-Mobile US, Inc. (TMUS)|By:, SA News Editor

T-Mobile (TMUS -1%) has settled with the FCC for $48M in a consent decree covering throttling ("de-prioritizing") on its unlimited data plans.

The company wasn't forthcoming enough about what would happen to heavy data users, or when, the agency says. It received hundreds of complaints from subscribers to T-Mobile and prepaid service MetroPCS while it was investigating.

Along with the fine amount, T-Mobile has agreed to notify customers when they get close to the threshold when their service might change, and to clearly disclose restrictions on its unlimited data plans in all of its ads, or to stop using the word "unlimited" in them.

On the monetary side, unlimited plan customers will see at least $35.5M in benefits, including accessory discounts and extra data on added mobile Internet plans. And the company will put $5M into devices and service for students in low-income school districts, and pay a $7.5M civil penalty.

"Good settlement with FCC today. T-Mobile believes more info is best for customers," tweeted CEO John Legere, adding "Glad we could help schools with this solution as well."