Boeing reverses course on 747 work; to close Georgia defense plant

|About: The Boeing Company (BA)|By:, SA News Editor

Boeing (BA +1.2%) says it will shut a small defense plant that had been earmarked to make parts for the 747-8 jumbo jet, although the head of the 747-8 program tells employees the move is not a sign that the company plans to end jumbo production "in the near term."

Boeing said last year that it planned to create up to 200 new jobs at the Macon, Ga., facility by insourcing work on making fuselage panels for the jet, but is reversing course after cutting 747 output to just six per year and hinting it may end production altogether.

The 747-8 work in Macon was due to be transferred from Triumph Group (TGI -1.6%), which Boeing says remains under contract for the business through the end of decade.