Buffett exit from Coca-Cola board raises M&A intrigue

|About: The Coca-Cola Company (KO)|By:, SA News Editor

Susquehanna analyst Pablo Zuanic says the focus on Coca-Cola (KO +2.7%) should be on the exit of Howard Buffett from the board (announced yesterday), instead of on today's news of the elevation of James Quincey to the CEO position. Howard's father, Warren Buffett, doesn't sit on the KO board.

Zuanic reasons that the Buffett exit could make it easier for Berkshire Hathaway to divest its $16.6B position in Coca-Cola. That in turn could create a domino effect.

Susquehanna note: "Would the proceeds help 3G/KHC fund a potential bid for, say, MDLZ? Would selling out of KO mean that 3G is ultimately not interested on buying KO, and that their ultimate target is PEP? Food for thought."

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