Aldeyra advances lead product candidate into Phase 3 development

|About: Aldeyra Therapeutics, ... (ALDX)|By:, SA News Editor

Aldeyra Therapeutics (ALDX) announces plans to start two Phase 3 clinical trials this year assessing lead product candidate ADX-102 (formerly NS2).

A Phase 3 study in noninfectious anterior uveitis should commence in Q2. The 100-subject trial will compare topical ocular ADX-102 to vehicle (placebo) for four weeks. The primary endpoint will be the clearing of inflammatory cells in the anterior chamber of the eye. Top-line data are expected in late 2018.

A Phase 3 in Sjogren-Larsson Syndrome, a rare inherited disorder characterized by dry scaly skin, should start in H2. The efficacy of a topical dermal formulation will be investigated over a four-month treatment period in ~30 patients. The primary endpoint will be the severity of the dermatologic disease. Top-line data should be available in 2019.

ADX-102 is an aldehyde-binding molecule or aldehyde trap. By decreasing aldehyde load, it may mitigate excessive inflammation caused by excess aldehydes.

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