TheStreet +3.6% as Q4 earnings meet expectations

|By:, SA News Editor

TheStreet (NASDAQ:TST) is up 3.6% after posting largely in-line Q4 earnings despite a decline in its consumer business.

The company posted a $0.33 net loss -- a total of $11.64M (which includes an $11.58M impairment of goodwill, tied to 2012 and 2014 acquisitions that produced lower-than-expected results).

"This was an investment year and the seeds of our turnaround efforts began to take hold in the fourth quarter on both our institutional side and our consumer businesses," said CEO David Callaway

Revenue breakout: Business to business, $7.44M (up 0.3%); Business to consumer, $8.48M (down 11.2%).

Cash, equivalents, restricted cash and marketable securities came to $23.4M as of Dec. 31, down $7.3M Y/Y.

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