Sorrento's anti-CEA CAR-T candidate shows treatment effect in CEA+ liver cancer patients but survival benefit barely ahead of Bayer's Stivarga and BSC; shares ease 8%

|About: Sorrento Therapeutics,... (SRNE)|By:, SA News Editor

Thinly traded micro cap Sorrento Therapeutics (SRNE -7.6%) moves lower on double normal volume in apparent response to its announcement of early-stage results on its anti-CEA CAR-T candidate. The principal aim of the eight-subject study, HITM-SIR, was safety but secondary endpoints included response data. Participants were heavily pretreated with CEA-positive liver metastases.

Six patients completed the study, half had stable disease with decreases in the size of liver lesions ranging from 6 - 28%.

Mean overall survival (OS) as of March 28 was 7.5 months and median OS was 6.9 months. In comparison, median OS for regorafenib (Bayer's Stivarga) as monotherapy in chemo-refractory metastatic colorectal cancer patients is 6.4 months and 5 months for best supportive care (BSC).

One patient out of six is still alive with no evidence of liver disease at almost 11 months of follow-up.

The data were presented at the American Association of Cancer Research Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.