Twitter proxy: Dorsey forgoes pay again; Noto sees $23.8M

|By:, SA News Editor

Twitter's (NYSE:TWTR) proxy statement shows CEO Jack Dorsey continuing to pass up a direct salary, while now-CFO and COO Anthony Noto gets a big bump thanks to stock awards.

Dorsey gets no salary, bonus, options or stock awards. He receives $56,551 in "other compensation" -- namely residential security and protective detail.

Noto, meanwhile, saw total compensation jump from 2015's $401,281 to $23.78M -- $23.28M of that in stock awards, along with a salary of $496,154. Noto had received $72.77M in 2014, almost entirely in stock and option awards.

Former COO Adam Bain received $29.34M for 2016. Former Chief Technology Officer Adam Messinger got $19.66M in total comp.

Executive Chairman Omid Kordestani received total comp of $1.85M (all in stock awards except for a $50,000 salary), and General Counsel Vijaya Gadde received $9.85M.

Peter Fenton of Benchmark Capital will leave the board after the annual meeting, the filing notes.

And among shareholder proposals is one calling for a consultant's report on whether to sell the Twitter platform to users in a cooperative or similar structure. The company says such a report would be a misallocation of resources.