Amid backlash, Bombardier cuts chairman's pay to 2015 levels

|About: Bombardier Inc.A (BDRAF)|By:, SA News Editor

As part of an ongoing row over compensation at Bombardier (OTCQX:BDRAF), the company says its board had agreed to cut the 2016 pay of Executive Chairman Pierre Beaudoin back to its 2015 level of $3.8M.

That's down from the $5.2M he was set to receive as one of several senior officials who got pay raises following a couple of rounds of layoffs and the receipt of a $372M loan package from the government last month.

Beaudoin had asked the board to reset his compensation since the issue has turned into a "distraction" from regular work.

Total compensation for the company's top five execs and chairman rose to $32.7M from 2015's $21.9M, sparking protests outside the company's Montreal headquarters.