Facebook conference likely to lift veil on hardware research

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As it gets set to launch its F8 conference, Facebook (FB +1.5%) is likely to drop key news in what it's been working on in a fairly secretive hardware lab called Building 8.

And that includes four projects in particular, Business Insider says: One involving cameras and augmented reality; another likely tied to drone development; one on brain-scanning technology, led by a former Johns Hopkins neuroscientist; and a fourth medical project led by a cardiologist with expertise in early-stage medical device development.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg will deliver a keynote tomorrow which might supply details on new hardware. The conference continues through Wednesday.

The augmented reality work could attempt to build where Google Glass disappointed, and may open a wider competitive interface with social-media rival (and "camera company") Snap (SNAP -1.2%).

With augmented reality the next frontier of technology, Facebook needs to make a statement, says former Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. “They realize to be part of this next wave, they’ve got to get real and hurry,” he says.

Meanwhile, the company says it's going to review its handling of videos with violence and other objectionable material amid a now-nationwide hunt for a suspect in a Cleveland killing that was broadcast on the service Sunday. Video of the killing remained on Facebook for more than two hours.