Allergan and Novartis team up in NASH study

|About: Allergan plc (AGN)|By:, SA News Editor

Allergan (AGN) and Novartis (NVS -0.3%) will collaborate on a Phase 2b clinical trial assessing the former's cenicriviroc and the latter's Farnesoid X receptor (FXR) agonist in patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Financial terms are not disclosed.

Cenicriviroc is a dual inhibitor of proteins called CCR2 and CCR5 that play key roles in inflammation and fibrosis.

FXR is a master regulator of carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, bile-acid homeostasis, inflammation and fibrosis. FXR agonists reduce the expression of certain genes that control the synthesis of triglycerides in liver cells. They reduce liver steatosis (infiltration of liver cells with fat), lower the release of free fatty acids from fat tissue and reduce their uptake by the liver and improve tissues' responsiveness to insulin.

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