Money flow surges in biotechs, Novartis aims for more early-stage deals

|By:, SA News Editor

Biotechs are among the leaders in a broad market rally today. Novartis (NYSE:NVS) (+2.4%) added punch to the party with its earnings call comments about seeking new early-stage acquisitions and in-licensing deals to beef up its pipeline.

Representative tickers: (NASDAQ:IBB)(+1.5%) (NASDAQ:BIB)(+3.1%) (NYSEARCA:XBI)(+2.3%) (NASDAQ:SGYP)(+3.2%) (NASDAQ:INCY) (+0.4%) (NASDAQ:SGEN) (+1.1%) (NASDAQ:AERI) (+2.9%) (NASDAQ:ACAD) (+5.4%)(NASDAQ:PTLA) (+2.9%) (NASDAQ:AMGN) (+1.0%) (NASDAQ:BIIB) (+4.4%) (NASDAQ:REGN) (+1.0%)