CNET: Amazon pursuing launch of Echo device with video screen

|By:, SA News Editor's (AMZN +1.1%) Echo device family may be set for even more video functionality, with a likely announcement next month of a device with a built-in screen, CNET reports.

That would follow up on the Echo Look, which would have a built-in camera and likely play a strong part in Amazon's apparel retailing business.

The "smart speakers" in the Echo line have been Amazon's entree into digital assistants, and the new capabilities may be getting faster introductions due to the revelation last week that Google Home (GOOG +0.2%, GOOGL) speakers can now identify multiple users -- a "wake-up call" for Amazon, Ben Fox Rubin says.

A screen on an Echo could allow the device to handle more complex queries than the voice-only models. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is also said to be working on a rival to Echo and Home, with a built-in camera like the Echo Look.

Amazon has sold an estimated 8M Echo devices since launch.