Twitter +6.4%, announces several more video streaming deals

|By:, SA News Editor

Fresh off a Sunday deal with Bloomberg to launch 24-hour video, Twitter (TWTR +6.4%) is rolling out more video deals this evening to fill in its vision for streaming content.

At a NewFront sales presentation, the company said it was partnering with BuzzFeed, Vox Media, MLB Advanced Media and Live Nation, as well as the NFL, PGA and WNBA.

The broadcasts will vary in duration and frequency, with BuzzFeed working on a live daily morning show, and sports leagues offering highlight shows (like a new 3-hour weekly MLB program) as well as live-streamed games. Twitter lost out to on a 10-game NFL package this fall.

Twitter said it streamed more than 800 hours of live video in Q1, vs. the previous quarter's 600 hours.

Shares reached their highest point since early February today; they're up 7.6% YTD (and up 17.3% over the past month).