Canada to review Boeing contracts after Bombardier jet challenge

|About: The Boeing Company (BA)|By:, SA News Editor

Canada’s government threatens to “review” its defense contracts with Boeing (NYSE:BA), which include a planned purchase of 18 Super Hornet fighter jets, in response to the U.S. company’s trade complaint against Bombardier (OTCQX:BDRAF, OTCQX:BDRBF).

Canadian Foreign Minister Freeland says “Boeing’s petition is clearly aimed at blocking Bombardier’s new aircraft” from the U.S. market, and that “Canada is reviewing current military procurement that relates to Boeing."

Boeing is asking the U.S. ITC to find that it has suffered injury to its business because Bombardier’s C Series aircraft is being sold at unfairly low prices, and it wants the tribunal to recommend the Commerce Department impose duties on its Canadian rival.