All eyes at ASCO on updated results from Incyte/Merck combo trial

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At issue is a small clinical trial combining Incyte's (NASDAQ:INCY) IDO inhibitor epacadostat with Merck's (NYSE:MRK) checkpoint inhibitor Keytruda in patients with non-small cell lung cancer.

What we already know from an abstract made public two weeks ago, reports Adam Feuerstein, is an overall response rate of 35%, with 14 of 40 patients showing partial responses.

What's new? The overall response rate remains 35%, but two of those 14 patients have improved to complete responses.

Up for debate is how good this combination is, and - though the sample size is small and there's no randomized data to study - Feuerstein notes 35% looks to be better than the 14%-20% response rate seen when Keytruda (or other checkpoint inhibitors) is used alone in similar patients. Other studies, however, have comparable response rates as similar.

With Incyte's market cap nearing $27B, its investors are going to ask themselves whether or not a home run for epacadostat is already priced in.

Incyte's press release and data


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