TV upfronts: NBC, Fox, ABC making progress

|By:, SA News Editor

It's still early days for TV's upfront sales season, but following a jump from CBS and cable nets, NBCUniversal (CMCSA -0.2%), Fox (FOX -2.1%, FOXA -2%) and ABC (DIS -0.6%) are making progress, Variety reports.

The difference between what networks want (in terms of CPM) and what they get is still in flux. But NBC looks more like the initial pushes from CBS (CBS -1.9%), in seeking low double-digit increases for prime-time inventory, while Fox and ABC are aiming high single digits.

“Everyone came out high” with rate increases, one top media buyer tells Variety. “There’s not a buyer who will stand for that.”

Fox is seeing early interest in FX inventory as well as a suite of new ad products it's begun rolling out.

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