Long Island Iced Tea announces new distribution partnership in the Southeast with EnergyNC

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Long Island Iced Tea (NASDAQ:LTEA) has partnered with EnergyNC to distribute the Company's portfolio of beverage brands across North Carolina, eastern South Carolina and southern Virginia.

Philip Thomas, Chief Executive Officer of the Company, commented, "Complementing recent launches in the region that include Food Lion, Ingles and W. Lee Flowers, this new distribution partnership with EnergyNC further strengthens our presence in the Southeast. We are proud to have EnergyNC carrying our full portfolio of beverages."

Mr. Abuzuaiter added, "We are very excited with the addition of Long Island Iced Tea Corp. as a partner in the region. The products they bring to our company help us to solidify our position with our customers as having the most exciting and flavorful portfolio in the non-alcoholic drink trade."

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