Omeros continues sell-off from recent 80% runup, shares retrace 23% in five days, bearish report making the rounds

|About: Omeros Corporation (OMER)|By:, SA News Editor

Omeros (OMER -9.2%) continues its slide from the recent high of $27.09 touched last Thursday. Longs have taken a 23% haircut since then. Today's action is on more than a 4x surge in volume.

On social media, interested parties are discussing the company's lack of confirmation of a viable subcutaneous route of administration for lead product candidate OMS721, supposedly one of its major selling points, and the perceived lack of robust efficacy data.

For entertainment seekers, Art Doyle Research just published a scathingly bearish report claiming the company is a fraud and the stock is headed to $1.

Update: In a statement, the company says the report is "replete with falsehoods" and intends to pursue legal remedies.

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