China OKs two more GMO crops for import, but DuPont disappointed

|By:, SA News Editor

China's agriculture ministry approves two more genetically modified crops for import, the second such move in the past month to expand access to biotech seeds.

The two new GMO crops are Syngenta's (SYT) 5307 insect resistant corn sold under the Agrisure Duracade brand and Monsanto's (MON +0.2%) 87427 glyphosate resistant corn sold under the Roundup Ready brand.

But DuPont (DD +0.3%) says it is disappointed its Pioneer insect resistant corn was not among the new approvals; Dow Chemicals' (DOW +0.3%) Enlist soybeans and two alfalfa products developed by MON also remain on a waiting list pending approval from Beijing.

DD says it continues to cooperate with Chinese regulators but that "global markets should conduct predictable, transparent regulatory reviews based on sound science and be free from political influence."