Tesla fan has a few issues with Model 3

|By:, SA News Editor

via a first-day Model 3 reservation owner

That this is coming from an eager fan of the Model 3 is of particular note ...

"Some of the exterior panels weren't as perfectly aligned as I'd like them to be ... More than acceptable in my opinion ... I did have to slam the driver’s door a little harder than I would like to in order for it to fully close though."

"I was a little underwhelmed with how the large center screen controls everything ... Needing to look to my right for every bit of information, as well as to activate accessories while driving, just doesn’t seem all that safe."

"The view out of the rear window of the car really is not that good. I realized this when I couldn’t tell if there was a car behind me or not when stopped at a traffic light at night."

TSLA -0.5%