Gray Television touts success in November sweeps

|About: Gray Television, Inc. (GTN)|By:, SA News Editor

Gray Television (NYSE:GTN) is promoting its Nielsen results from November sweeps where it says one of its stations was the top-ranked in all-day ratings in 40 markets.

Its stations were either No. 1 or No. 2 in all 57 of the markets in which Gray operates, it says.

It also won top news ratings in 40 markets and was No. 2 in 24 markets.

In 31 of Gray's markets, its channels drew 45% or more of all broadcast viewing, and 26 markets more than 50%.

The company holds more than 100 stations in those 57 markets, which collectively broadcast more than 200 program streams (including 103 from the Big Four networks), and about 7,200 hours of original local news in November.

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