Oramed to launch study of ORMD-0801 in NASH this year

|About: Oramed Pharmaceuticals... (ORMP)|By:, SA News Editor

In a letter to shareholders, Oramed Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:ORMP) CEO Nadav Kidron says the company has ~$40M in quick assets to start the year. Key expected milestones:

ORMD-0801 (oral insulin): Initiate studies in HbA1c and NASH.

ORMD-0901 (oral GLP-1 analog): File IND followed by Phase 1 pharmacokinetic study and initiation of Phase 2.

Initiate Leptin study and continue to work with Chinese partner HTIT as it prepares to market ORMD-0801 in China.

Continue Big Pharma collaboration.

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