MoviePass flexes its box office muscle

|By:, SA News Editor

MoviePass is deploying targeted promotions among its subscribers for a number of Oscar-nominated films a few weeks ahead of the Oscars ceremony.

MoviePass says it has already generated $128.7M for select film nominees since November, including 8.8% of the total box office for Call Me By Your Name and 7.8% for Shape of Water.

"MoviePass is actively driving movie-goers to the theater at a critical moment in the year,” says CEO Mitch Lowe.

Shares of MoviePass owner Helios and Matheson Analytics are up 4.70% on the day to sit comfortably above $8 again.

UPDATE provided by MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe: “We bought $110 million worth of tickets in 2017, and the halo effect generated another $146 million in ticket sales totaling $256 million in ticket purchases. The Halo effect is a combination of MoviePass members bringing Non-MP members to the film and referring additional friends who went to the movies. Roughly 50% of the tickets purchased were for Oscar nominated films, which is how we arrived at the $128M figure."

Source: Press Release

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