BeiGene's tislelizumab shows treatment effect in early-stage UC study

|About: BeiGene (BGNE)|By:, SA News Editor

Preliminary results from a Phase 1 clinical trial assessing BeiGene's (BGNE) PD-1 inhibitor tislelizumab in urothelial cancer patients showed a positive effect. The data were presented at the ASCO GU Symposium in San Francisco.

15 evaluable UC patients treated with tislelizumab showed a 53% (n=8/15) disease control rate (responders + those with stable cancer) including one complete responder and four partial responders.

On the safety front, the rate of adverse events (AEs) was 88% (n=13/15). The most frequent were fatigue (31%), rash (19%); infusion-related reactions (13%), nausea (13%) and abnormal amounts of protein in urine (13%) (biomarker for kidney stress/damage).

The study is ongoing.

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