Ystrategies and BRI US LLC sign strategic partnership

|About: Ystrategies Corp. (YSTR)|By:, SA News Editor

Ystrategies (OTCPK:YSTR) and BRI US LLC entered into an agreement to identify and develop market-ready advanced technologies in energy sectors, beginning with energy efficiency, HVAC-related innovation.

“This agreement aligns directly with our strategy of rapidly commercializing promising new clean technologies and getting them to market,” said Jim Kiles, CEO of Ystrategies. “BRI brings strategic value in facilitating partnerships for innovation, capital, global operation, and market development, especially China.”

“Ystrategies has been developing a good portfolio of advanced technology in the cleantech space. We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Ystrategies to bring disruptive innovation to new global markets. Together, we can help build a sustainable and energy-efficient world,” said Jeff Weng, Executive Director of BRI US LLC.

Press Release

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