Rio Tinto reports $5.1B in 2017 taxes and royalties paid

|About: Rio Tinto Group (RIO)|By:, SA News Editor

Rio Tinto (RIO +3.9%) releases information about its taxes and royalties paid in 2017, showing it paid A$6.6B ($US5.1B) in all, with $US3.8B going towards Australian taxes.

Rio has received criticism in the past from Australian media for not paying enough tax, but its local taxes and royalties for 2017 were well above 2016 where the company paid $US1.8B in Australia out of a total of $US4B; the company’s highest tax payment since it started publicly reporting them in 2010 was its $US7.8B payment in 2012.

Other countries where Rio paid significant taxes in 2017 include Canada at $387M, Chile at $318M, Mongolia at $228M, South Africa at $93M, U.K. at $81M, U.S. at $78M and Guinea at $45M.

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