BlackRock offers free website to get more investor portfolio data, sell more funds

|By:, SA News Editor

BlackRock offers a complimentary website for financial advisers to assess risk of their clients' portfolios with the hopes that it will increase sales of its funds, the Wall Street Journal reports.

The "BlackRock Advisor Center" has been used by about 200,000 financial advisers since October; through the website, advisers use a version of BLK's Aladdin technology that assesses how a portfolio would perform under certain scenarios.

BLK is under pressure as investors become more price-conscious and regulators are drawing up rules that would require brokers to put their customers' interests ahead of their own.

Possible drawbacks: Conflicts of interest for financial advisers are possible if they place the BLK's funds ahead of other products better suited for a client or if they compensate BLK; privacy risks could be an issue.

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