Apple Rush announces manufacturing partnership with Botanaway, Inc.

|About: Apple Rush Co., Inc. (APRU)|By:, SA News Editor

Apple Rush (OTCPK:APRU +3.1%) secured a partnership with BotanaWay, Inc., for the manufacturing and distribution of Agathos Active.

Tony Torgerud, CEO of APRU, said “This partnership with David, his reputation as a leader in botanical distribution, and his connections to the largest supplement distributors in the country give us a great leg up in the distribution of our newly developed products.  We have ordered the ingredients and packaging and will be launching the tincture oils, chews, and other products over the course of the next 90 days with our initial order for 20,000 tinctures coming in at a half million dollars.  We have done the prototyping of the chews and vape product as well and will be making announcements on those fronts shortly.”

Press Release

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