Investors shun healthcare stocks in broad market selloff

|About: Ionis Pharmaceuticals,... (IONS)|By:, SA News Editor

Healthcare stocks are taking it on the chin in today's broad selloff, some more than others. The SPDR S&P Biotech ETF (XBI -2%), for example, is down more than the major indexes.

Selected tickers:

Biotech: (IONS -3.5%)(GBT -2.6%)(XON -2.1%)(CRSP -2.1%)(EDIT -3%)(NTLA -3.1%)(PBYI -4.1%)(BMRN -1.4%)(TSRO -2.6%)(CELG -1.8%)(BLUE -2%)(ALKS -1.6%)(ALNY -2.4%)(GILD -3.4%)(BIIB -0.8%)(AMGN -1.2%)(SGMO -4.3%)(ONCE -2.6%)

Generics:(ENDP -4.4%)(PRGO -1.9%)(LCI -6.3%)(COLL -8.4%)(ANIP -2.6%)(EGRX -2.3%)(MYL -1.1%)

Devices: (OSUR -1.4%)(PODD -3%)(TNDM -2.5%)(BIO -2.1%)(EW -1.5%)(ABT -0.8%)(MDT -0.8%)

Cell Therapy: (ZIOP -2.6%)(OTCPK:IMUC -2.3%)(KOOL -5.3%)(SRNE -2.9%)(CLLS -1.5%)

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