HCA Healthcare Chairman and CEO Milton Johnson to retire

|About: HCA Holdings, Inc. (HCA)|By:, SA News Editor

The board of directors of HCA Healthcare (NYSE:HCA) has approved the following:

Milton Johnson will retire as CEO, effective December 31.

Sam Hazen, the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer, will succeed R. Milton Johnson as CEO on January 1, 2019; he has also been appointed a member of the board of directors, effective today.

At the company’s 2019 annual shareholders’ meeting, Johnson will retire from the board of directors. The board of directors plans to appoint Thomas F. Frist III, to be chairman of the board of directors.

Frist has been on the board of HCA since 2006 and chairs the finance and investments committee.

With the addition of Hazen, the board of directors has been increased from 11 to 12 members.

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