Enterprise Products starts LPG expansion at Houston Ship Channel terminal

|About: Enterprise Products Partner... (EPD)|By:, SA News Editor

Enterprise Products Partners (EPD +0.3%) says it has started construction on an expansion of a Houston Ship Channel export terminal so it can ship out more propane and butane.

EPD says the project will allow the Enterprise Hydrocarbon Terminal to load another 175K bbl/day of liquefied petroleum gas - primarily propane and butane - which will increase the terminal's LPG export capacity to 720K bbl/day, or 21M bbl/month.

EPD says it will be able to load six Very Large Gas Carrier vessels simultaneously once the expansion is completed in H2 2019.

“Enterprise is already the largest exporter of propane in the world and this expansion project will increase our ability to export LPGs from the EHT facility by another 30 percent with nominal capital investment,” says CEO Jim Teague.

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